Wentworth Park Statistics (based on 3650 races between June 2011 – August 2014)
Of the eight boxes allocated for each greyhound race*, Box One (red) generated the most winners with 18.5%. This is traditionally the case at nearly all greyhound racetracks simply because the box is the closest to the rail and therefore the quickest route to the winning post. The greyhound contends with only the box 2 runner at the start, thus mitigating a ‘squeeze’ at the beginning of the race.
38% of all Wentworth Park TAB favourites over the past 3 years won their races (3.8 favourites win per race meeting) paying $2.39 on average for the win and $1.40 the place. This is greater than Randwick/Rosehill thoroughbred races that recorded 33.8% (2.7 per meeting) over the past 3 years
The average TAB win dividend was $5.94 and the average place dividend for these winners in isolation was $1.97
The average trifecta payout at Wentworth Park was $218 and for the First 4 was $1082. The highest payout was $3161 and $16,571 respectively. The largest dividend payout in the exotics was a Big 6 which paid $122,000 (average $7,700)
Box 7 is the least successful box at Wentworth Park, winning 9.2% of all races and falling to 8.7% if we observe 520m events only. In a perfect world it should be 12.5% (1/8).
Box 2 provided the best return on average over the three year period to Aug 2014, Box 7 the lowest average return for race wins
Of all 3650 winners, 14.8% paid even money ($2), 23.9% between $5-$10, 10% between $10 – $20 and 3.9% of $20 or more.
54% of all winners from box 1 were the favorities for the event and 75% were either the favorite or second favorite. The average TAB dividend for these winners was $2.20.
Whilst 54% of all Box 1 winners were favorites, boxes 5 and 7 were only ~28% (eg of Box 5’s 362 winners, 100 were favourites). 48% of Box 5 winners were neither 1st or 2nd favourites. Despite producing only 10% of all winners of 3650 races, this may suggest punters are penalising /discounting these boxes too much.
Please email if you would like a copy of the excel spreadsheet that these statistics were drawn from (i.e. contains read more all placegetters, names, TAB odds etc for every race at Wentworth Park over 3 years to August 2014)

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